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USS Franklin D. Roosevelt Rotating Header Image


30 Sept: FDR plane forced to land in Finland during “Mainbrace” 1952 here.

24 Sept: Full copy of the May 31, 1956 Bremerton Salute Newspaper here.

19 Sept.: 1966-68 Photos from Len Gaffga here.

31 Jan. 2014 : FD Reporters from 01 Dec ’45  here, 28 Aug ’46  here & 24 Sept ’46 here.

23 Dec.: 1964 Family Grams from Tom Lutz here, here and here.

12 Dec: 1956 Recommissioning Brochure here & Bremerton Paper here. From John Downing.

29 Oct: 1962/63 Familygrams submitted by Fred Burgess. in “Middle Years”

27 Oct:  March 1961 Presidential here.

15 Sept: 1977 Collision article & photo here.

09 Sept: Great “Last Cruise” Magazine article here.

01 Sept: New Last Cruise stuff from John Wilson here.

19 July: 1965 Family Grams from Tom Lutz here and here.

18 July: Additional Ship’s Patches added here.

27 June: August 1964 Presidential from Tom Lutz here.

22 June: 1946-47 FD Reporters from Richard Lockman here

04 June: 1946-48 FD Reporters from Verlin Kelly here.

28 May: F8U Mystery Solved! here.    

19 Feb.: The Last Farewell” photo here.

16 Feb.: Nice story about “Round Motors” here.

22 Jan.: 18 March 1968 Roosevelt Sentinel here.

21 Jan. 2013:  1966 VFP-62 F8U Battle Damage video by Norm Tremblay here.

19 Dec.2012:  FD Reporters from John Baver – 17 Dec. 1945,  14 Jan. 1946 & 12 March 1946.

14 Dec.:  Patch collection & Photo Slide Show from Chris Wills (Parcell) VA-215 here.

12 Dec.: April 1975 FamilyGram/RosieGram from Carlo Giraulo here.

11 Nov.: (Veterans’ Day) 1975 Med. Cruise Video now available here.

18 Oct.: 1956 Recommissioning Cruise (Bremerton to Mayport) Video here.  

02 Oct.: More ship’s model photos (from France) posted here.

01 Oct.: Leaving the Med. 17 Aug. 1960 – Plan of the Day here.

30 Sept.: Return from the Med. 01 Sept 1959 – Plan of the Day here.

27 Sept.: 1946 Watchbills, PODs, News, XO Memos here.

27 Aug.: FDR CHALLANGE COIN AVAILABLE  here from the USS FDR Reunion.

26 Aug.: Final Edition of The Ancient Mariner here & Last Holiday Menus here.

20 Aug.: FD Reporter from 31 July 1952 is here.

16 July:  The: 1965 Cruise Book on CD  is now Available.

03 July:  Marlow Neuberger’s 1952 photos here.

22 June: 1952 FD Reporter Christmas Edition here.

18 June: 1965 20th Anniversary Presidential here.

15 June: 1952-53 pictures from Bob Heinze here.

31 May: 1945 (2nd issue) FD Reporter here.

28 May: 1972 RF-8 & A-7 Losses here.

23 April: 1952 Special Edition FD Reporter here.

06 April: Rosie’s Last Cruise (76-77) Video now available here.

22 March: 1952 FD Reporter from Herb Gold here.

14 March: 1946 Christmas & 1947 Thanksgiving menus here.

14 March: 1947 FD Reporter from Eugene Poole here.

07 March: David Beland’s photos from the 67-68 cruise here.

27 & 29 Feb.: Additions to Sea Stories by Tom Lutz here.

26 Feb.: Clip of the 1966 Bob Hope Christmas Special on the FDR  here.

16 Feb.: Joe Miller’s 1972 Gas Gang & 1973 North Atlantic Pics. here.

14 Feb.: More Scrap Yard Photos here.

13 Feb.: Updated “Sea Stories” Section here.

17 Jan.: Rudy Sobina’s 1967-68 Med Cruise photos here.

17 Jan.: Uss Bache Grounding info from Rudy Sobina here.

16 Jan.: A followup to the Engineering B’Day’s of 1967 by Rudy Sobina here.

16 Jan.: March 1968 Presidential from Rudy Sobina here.

16 Jan.: Aug. 1966 Presidential from Larry Harms here.

15 Jan.: Nov. 1967 Presidential from Rudy Sobina here.

15 Jan.: More Model photos from Wim Van Lit. Rosie in the water here.

12 Jan.: Lee Fels sent in over 400 photos and his Navy story from 1957-59 posted here.

08 Jan. 2012: Photo by Peter Bonomo of Rosie enroute to the scrapyard here.

05 Dec.: Added direct link to Facebook FDR Group Page.

02 Dec.: Julian Bradford sent in a Sea Story here.

21 Nov.: Added 4 new images to EE Taylors first group of pictures here.

06 Nov.: Robert Wendling’s photos of A & B Div. guys here & Ship’s Captains here.

01 Nov.: Henry Turminello’s 1957-58 cruise photos here.

23 Oct.: Added photos of a 5 foot working model of the FDR here.

25 Sept.: Awesome photography by a teenage Photo Club at NAS Atsugi 1966 here.

17 Sept.: 1977 “Last Man Standing”  here. A MUST READ for Rosie Sailors.

08 Sept.: New single disc release of the Nam Cruise Video here.

06 Sept.: Herb Gold photos from 1952 here.

31 Aug.: Carmen Bossone’s photos from 1969-71 here.

28 Aug.:  Jay Holley’s photos from 1960-61 here.

28 July: The 1976-77 “Final Cruise” Cruise Book on CD is now Available.

28 June: Vintage postcard submitted by Mike Keohane here.

4 April: Last Cruise photos from Warren Hansen here.

27 March: Ed Turnberger submitted 1970 stuff on the A3D loss and a POD. Charles Comer sent in 4 issues of 1951 FD Reporters here.

25 March: Page changes have been made and all revisions are complete. Crews’s Photos are now in the Year Groups.

14 March: Stan Martin’s 63-64 photo page is up here.

13 March: Dave Porter HC-2 photo page now up here.

11 March: Glenn Muzzy’s VA-15 photo  page now up here (over 200 pics and I’m in one of them. Can you pick it out?).

02 March: E.E. Taylor’s VB-75 1945-46 photo page now up here

28 Feb.: The 1971 Cruise Book on CD is now Available.

19 Feb.: The 1970 Med Cruise Video is now available.

12 Feb.: Mike Murray’s 1966 CR Divn. photo and Watchbill posted here.

10 Feb. 2011 :Bob Miller (VA-15) has pics from 1971 posted here.

31 Dec.: 1962 Christmas Letter, Menu & Bob Siefker photo – PUBLICATIONS/HOLIDAY MENUS

31 Dec.: Amos Abney’s Story and group photo of a 1967 B’day Party – In Photos section.

28 Dec.: 1970 Rosie Sentinal, 1975 Rosie Gazette & VF-84 Newsletter – IN PUBLICATIONS

20 Dec.: The 1971 Med Cruise Video is now available.

17 Nov.: THe 1966-67 Vietnam Cruise Book on CD is FINALLY AVAILABLE.

10 Nov.: The 1967-68 Med. Cruise Video is now available.

26 Oct.:  Recently returned from DC and did a lot of research on the ship. Last Deck Log posted & OPHIST updated for early 1963.

13 Sept.: Donald Dobbins’ pictures from 1951-54 now on the site.

12 Sept.: The 1972 Med. Cruise Video is now available.

16 Aug.: The “Feedback” page is now open for moderated discussion…please go ahead and use it.

13 Aug.: The 66-67 VietNam issue of the Presidential is now in the Publications section.

03 Aug.: The 1967-68 Cruise Book on CD is now available.

14 July: 1951 Christmas menu added.

13 July: New Welcome Aboard booklets added.

09 July: 1969 photos and story just posted.

07 July: Interesting stuff from Mike Keohane (on board 74-77)  just posted.

06 July: Phill Gemmill’s photos from 1958-60 are now on the site.

05 July: I’ve been adding to my personal photo page. 1958 & 60 stuff.

30 June: Jim Burroughs from VF-84  71-72 Photo Page now up.

27 June: Jim Reardon’s 70-72 Color pics are now up.

25 June: Gary Menso sent photos from the 70-73 Gas Gang…just posted & Gene Williams’ 1970 photos are up too.

23 June: Bill Prahl’s VA-15 Photos from 1964 are now up.

15 June: 1970 Cruise Book CD now available!

14 June: Some of Jim Reardon’s nice black & white photos from 1970-71 posted.

24 May: 1973-74 Med Cruise Video is now available.

22 April: Mishap recount of 1970 A6 & Pilot Loss posted.

09 April: 1960 Med Cruise Video is now available.

05 April: 1972 Cruise Book CD available.

11 Feb.: Several newspaper articles about the 1967 Capetown Visit. Good reading. Submitted by Gary Chamberlain.

10 Jan.: Added “Feedback Page” for discussion topics. (Not to be confused with the Guest Book Page)!

03 Jan. 2010: Link installed to Valions Veterans Website VT-4 • VA-2A • VA-15 • VFA-15.

27 Dec. 2009: 1959 Med Cruise Video now available.

02 Oct.: 1962-63 Med Cruise Video Released!

30 July: 1963-64 Video DVD  “Flight Deck” &  1946 Video DVD  “Operation Sleepless” now available!!!!

28 July: 1964 Cruise Video DVD now available!!!!

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