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From Bill Willis – I built a model of the FDR using Revell’s 1/540 scale model. I added an angled deck, hurricane bow, radar upgrade, deck edge elevators, and removed most of the 5″ guns.

From Maurizio Chiaro (Italy) – In the 1970/72 I lived in a Med port and in a warm summer I visited the FDR (my first Aircraft Carrier visit) the last was the CVN-75 last winter. I’m a 1/700 ship builder and my dream was to build the FDR in the 1970 version. I found in one of my trips in Germany a resin kit of the ship, but in a 1957 version, I bought her but in my mind there was the desire to convert the ship in 1970/1972 version. One of my US friend sent me the decal sheet for the Air Wing six and I decided to start to build.

Wim Van Lit (Netherlands) has built a 1:200 scale 5 foot long working remote controlled model of the FDR. It’s has 2 props and he’s added a bowthruster. The helo rotors are electrically powered. I’ll add more photos as he sends them.

Didier Langlois (France) has built a 1/540 Revell kit with good detail.

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