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Guest Book



    I have managed to resurrect some of the Guest Books from the previous FDR Websites. There are some that are lost forever but this is the best there is at the moment. There is a lot of good stuff there.

Click on the year you want to view. Click on the left arrow at the top of your browser to return to this page.

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Sign in using the comment form at the bottom of the page and please leave a valid email address. It will NOT be viewable to visitors! If you want to hear from your shipmates leave your email address IN THE MESSAGE ALSO.


Please put your email address in your message so your shipmates can get back to you (if they can remember you).

 There is software on board that makes it unreadable to the “bots” who collect that sort of stuff.

All entries must be approved before they will appear in the book. Any inappropriate entries, as well as those with invalid email addresses, will be deleted and will not appear. I check daily so don’t despair if your entry doesn’t appear immediately.

Due to a rash of automated spam messages we now use “captcha” authentication.  Just enter the “captcha” code and then SUBMIT. Don’t worry about upper or lower case….either will work. If you have trouble reading it just click the little button to the right and it will “refresh”. Thanks!

Many shipmates have told me, via email, about having visited this site. Oddly many have not left entries here for their shipmates to see. THEY do wonder how you are and probably would love to hear from you. This is a great way get back in contact.


For YOUR protection – No home phone numbers or addresses please. Please save that for when you make email contact.



  1. Larry Scheible says:

    I was in VA-176 and was om the 1973-74 cruise and 1975 cruise.

  2. Ed Hausbeck says:

    I went aboard the Rosie after graduation from HS in June 1958. I was a reservist and did not know much about anything. So I ask to be put in the machine shop and the young officer said OK but you have to sign up for two more active years. I said no, so he said he would put me in “B” division and call me when there was an opening in the machine shop. Well two years later I never heard from him when I was discharged. But I learned a valuable lesson. The boiler division was hard, but I soon make third class and things got easier. At 19 years old I was in charged of watches that kept 3 charlie on line and made sure our boiler supplied steam to catapult planes.
    Really enjoyed my two cruises to the MED. All in all it was a learned experience. One which I have remembered and will remember all my life. Every kid that graduates from HS and does not know what to do in life should join the service. It will definitely be an education.
    Ed Hausbeck BT 3rd class

  3. Alan Strickland says:

    Looking for anyone that served in v 2 cats 76-77 med cruise and decommissioning email

  4. Samuel Phillips AD3 says:

    Served aboard 1951, 52 & 53. V2 Mobile Div. Captains driver 1953.

  5. Paul Coates says:

    I was stationed to the Rosey on Nov of ’76 and got new orders on July of ’77. It was eerie to see what was going on with the ship once it got to Norfolk, VA shipyards. Holes being cut into the decks for removal of the engines. There was one eye opening incident when a Liberian freighter was cruising too close to us & made contact. Sailors getting tossed out of their racks in their skivvies and everyone running to the flight deck & hangar deck to man fire hoses. Thank God no fires. My new orders were for VA-42 at Oceana VA.

  6. Bob Schultz ADJ-3 says:

    Anybody out there from HC-2 “Fleet Angels.” I was on the ’70 Med cruise and flew as a crewman in the UH-2A/B. Email:

  7. Gene Hansen ABG3 says:

    I served aboard the Rosie from Feb. 56 (Plank owner) when she came out of the angle deck refit at Bremerton Navy Yard. I was in V-4 division. Made 3rd Class on board. Had some great shipmates.
    I recently was awarded 10% disability for my hearing after years of trying to get hearing aids. A VA rep finally got me help after all the frustration. The end result was a letter telling me that Aviation Boatswain Mate was a flight deck rate and an automatic qualification for benefits. It’s only 133.57 a month and I just got my hearing test from the VA.
    I hope to hear from some of my “old” shipmates.
    Gene Hansen

  8. Robert A Perras says:

    I worked in air operations aboard the Roosevelt in 1964. My cruse ship book the Griffin was ruined in a flood.
    Thanks for bringing back some great memories.

  9. Michael Wayne Strain says:

    I served on the U.S.S. Franklin D. Roosevelt during the years of 1971 -72. I worked on the fight deck in aviation fuels V4 division. I am trying to find a shipmate named Charles Rose. He was from South Carolina and worked below deck in aviation fuels V4 division. My email is

  10. Edward S. Friedmann says:

    OS 3 from 1971 Med Cruise.

  11. Joel Levey says:

    served on the Rosie Oct 61 to July 65 OI Div I went to the reunion in Mobile Alabama & had a great time I met a few guys from my Div Ed Tucker & Jerry Batton also met Fred Burgess at the reunion see him on facebook I may go to the reunion in NO

  12. Nicole Edwards says:

    Looking for anyone who might have served with my father. Richard Elmo Lee US Navy EMFN. He served in Vietnam on the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt I would love nothing more than to hear stories and see pictures of the man who raised me. 1964-1968

  13. RUDOLF (Rudy) SOBINA says:

    Served on the Roosevelt back in 66 thru 68 and made the Med cruise. Assigned to “B Division” and performed my duties as a BT-3 in the ships “Oil Shack”. Subsequently I moved onward in the Navy, switched rates and eventually retired as an ISCM.

  14. David Squires says:

    I was ship’s company in AIMD, IM-3 Division from ’73 to ’76 as an AE.

  15. Steve Dukes says:

    Served aboard Rosie in OE Division from 1972-75. Maintained the SPS-37 Long Range Air Search Radar whose antenna was that huge black array that hung over the starboard side of the ship. Any other ET’s who served aboard during the same time? Email Please also visit the FDR Reunion Website

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