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USS Franklin D. Roosevelt Rotating Header Image

Guest Book



    I have managed to resurrect some of the Guest Books from the previous FDR Websites. There are some that are lost forever but this is the best there is at the moment. There is a lot of good stuff there.

Click on the year you want to view. Click on the left arrow at the top of your browser to return to this page.

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Sign in using the comment form at the bottom of the page and please leave a valid email address. It will NOT be viewable to visitors! If you want to hear from your shipmates leave your email address IN THE MESSAGE ALSO.


Please put your email address in your message so your shipmates can get back to you (if they can remember you).

 There is software on board that makes it unreadable to the “bots” who collect that sort of stuff.

All entries must be approved before they will appear in the book. Any inappropriate entries, as well as those with invalid email addresses, will be deleted and will not appear. I check daily so don’t despair if your entry doesn’t appear immediately.

Due to a rash of automated spam messages we now use “captcha” authentication.  Just enter the “captcha” code and then SUBMIT. Don’t worry about upper or lower case….either will work. If you have trouble reading it just click the little button to the right and it will “refresh”. Thanks!

Many shipmates have told me, via email, about having visited this site. Oddly many have not left entries here for their shipmates to see. THEY do wonder how you are and probably would love to hear from you. This is a great way get back in contact.


For YOUR protection – No home phone numbers or addresses please. Please save that for when you make email contact.



  1. Irving Adams Gaffney says:

    Looking for names, and maybe memories, I may recognize from my time on the Roosevelt.

  2. Brendan Finnegan says:

    Anyone who knew my late Grandfather, LCDR Lew Hallock, and has any stories to share, please email me at

    I also have some photos from the 66-67 period, including Rosie in drydock getting new screws and some scenery shots from Spain and Malta.

  3. Richard Mandarino says:

    I served on FDR from 1970-1971. Went on one Med cruise before discharge. I was
    assigned to ship working on aviation support equipment (yellow gear).

  4. Jesse Davis says:

    I made the last cruise-Oct, 1976 to April, 1977. Also the cruise from Mayport to Norfolk. Stayed with her until August and then cross-decked to the USS Ranger, then in Bremerton, on an eighteen month ROH. Functioned as the LCPO of OPS Dept in addition to the CATCC Chief. Was a sad period during the stand down prior to her decommissioning. Fond memories of Barcelona, Rome, Naples, Genoa, and several other Liberty ports.

  5. Jon Michael Atchley says:

    FDR 71-75 X Division Personnel Office and Educational Services Office. Worked for CWO Paul Teamor, PNCS Floyd Husk and PNC Degusman. Also worked for Ens Bart Finnegan. Three Med cruises. Favorite port was Athens where I met my future wife, who was from West Virginia. FDR was a floating History and Geography book. Grateful and proud of my Rosey time. I’m on Facebook. Send me a message.

  6. JOHN P. MASON says:

    ken sterling, mechanic on liberty boats, 1972 officers-boat, me, remember any of these boat coxswains names, buzznardi, cohen, sessoms, they ran the boats for 4th division i was in 1972 cruise. for ken.

  7. Terry Bernard says:

    I was on the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt CVA 42 1970 – 1972. Would like to talk to fellow personnel that was in my division 3rd division.

  8. Vice Green says:

    I came aboard Rosie right from boot 1966 had appendix removed then cruise to nam crossed equation on 4th of July turned eighteen on that ship saw Bob hope Christmas show visited so many places I didn’t even know existed. Some good memories some bad some faded over time. Late sixties now but still think of my time spent on Rosie almost every day. I learned respect , patience and most of all I learned HONOR. May all her shipmates be given the respect we never got apon our return from from nam. Peace would solve so much.

  9. Bob Siefker says:

    I served on the FDR from 62-64 in OE Div.
    I am currently the President of the USS FDR Reunion organization.
    I’d love to have you check out the reunion we have planned in New Orleans May 16-20, 2018!
    Check out the events, tours, dinner menu and download the registration form at
    Hope to see you in New Orleans!

  10. richard mock says:

    was an HTFN R DIV on the last cruise of the Rosie. remembered those 2 hour nooners untill Com.Rollins XO busted our shop.caught people sleepin. fun times.

  11. Miles Krupicka says:

    Anyone know my dad Miles Krupicka 1944 USS Roosevelt in Rio. Any photos of him or the whole group? Hope you can help. Email

  12. Robert A. Draznik says:

    I was a SA Navy Reservist on the FDR for 2 weeks Training Duty in April 1949. Departed Norfolk and docked in NYC for Easter weekend. Was actually IN the NYC Easter Parade. Resumed cruise in the N.Atlantic with daily GQ. Was ammunition handler on “Ack Ack” gun crew. Morning rituals after chow included sitting on the double plank “Head” above a stream of sea water. Every morning some guy would light a wad of newspaper and toss it in causing a “3 Stooges Comedy” of guys suddenly standing up to avoid getting singed. FDR was refitted shortly after with modern Head. Lots of good memories of the experience. Bob Draznik 87yrs. Joliet,IL

  13. Richard (GREG) Gregory says:

    haven’t posted a message in a long time. But been thinking of the time on her. Some good, some not so good. I got to her right out of boot in June/65, mess decking at first and then A-7 Div. Stayed in A-7 till i got out in 69 when we where in the yard in Virginia Never seen anything so big in my country boy life before. Had many jobs, but retired from DOD (Navy). My son is retired Navy and a son-in-law is a Marine Can’t seem to get away from the Navy:) I’m very proud of both of them. if anyone remembers me back then drop me a line at I may be 69 years old but i can remember some stuff :0.

  14. Ryland Payne says:

    Just stopped in and saw that the ’72 Med Cruise book was available. I had ordered one while on board in ’72 but was shipped home and never received it. Hope this brings back some of those memories.

  15. Edward Casacia says:

    Hello. My 94 yr old father, Albert Casacia, is a plank owner and was present during the commissioning and the shakedown to Rio. He was one of the cooks. He says to say hello to all his Rosie brothers.

  16. Linda Outland Mowbray says:

    Remember a great group of guys in Portsmouth from the Rosie while I was in nursing school at Maryview Hospital in Portsmouth. Several girls dated these guys including me. I knew Kent Cardiff, he was an ETR2 in the OE Division. He was on the 70 med cruise. guess he didn’t make the 71 Cruise due to surgery, but went back to the Rosie in 71 after her return. He came to see me in 71 after I graduated and was working at Maryview. I think he got out in 72. I married and Air Force C 141 Pilot and lost track of everyone I knew back then. Always wondered how life turned out for him. My email address is:

  17. James Danny Bragg (JD) says:

    Great to be saying hello to everyone

  18. Melanie Walker says:

    My grandfather, Albert H Goodwin Jr from new Jersey, served on this ship in 1947. He passed away in 2013 in Massachusetts. If anyone knew him or has any pictures feel free to contact me for I would love to see them or hear stories. Thank you

  19. waz up old timers, when you cva’s gonna get on here. i know you’s guys know how to use this thing? 1st and 4th division, deck, ships company, 71-73, officers liberty launch crewman and divisional-yeoman of 4th. took a 72-med cruise. 11-months. from maryland, virginia, florida,, tennessee, pennsylvania, and now retired in holden-beach north-carolina. remember the band in the crews lounge?

  20. Peter Moyer says:

    Operations Office – 1969 to 1972
    1970 and 1971 Med Cruises

  21. KRETSINGER, Victor H. says:

    Geo Schoenleber. I was in VAH-3 during the 57/58 Med cruise. I would LOVE to talk to you about our Cruise and your photos.

    (661)399-6632 BFL, calif

  22. daniel peterson says:

    ABE-3 1972-1976 V-2 gear for any shipmate wishing to contact me:

  23. Bill Morgan says:

    Was on the Rosie from 1960 to 1962 on Flight deck running aft bomb elevator.
    Made AO-3 before getting out, Passed AO-2 but didn’t sew on patch.

  24. Jerry Boock says:

    Dec 68 to Sept 72 A3 auxiliaries for two months then A7 O2N2 plants till I transferred to my next ship.

  25. len laraio says:

    just wanted to say hi to every one who served on the Rosie, I haven’t been able to contact any one from 4th div. I was aboard 61 to 63 and was discharged while in the med that year (63), it was a wonderful experience being aboard just wished I would have realized it more back then, to all the best of health ,if any one remembers me please drop a line, my email is Thanks

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