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USS Franklin D. Roosevelt Rotating Header Image

Guest Book



    I have managed to resurrect some of the Guest Books from the previous FDR Websites. There are some that are lost forever but this is the best there is at the moment. There is a lot of good stuff there.

Click on the year you want to view. Click on the left arrow at the top of your browser to return to this page.

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Sign in using the comment form at the bottom of the page and please leave a valid email address. It will NOT be viewable to visitors! If you want to hear from your shipmates leave your email address IN THE MESSAGE ALSO.


Please put your email address in your message so your shipmates can get back to you (if they can remember you).

 There is software on board that makes it unreadable to the “bots” who collect that sort of stuff.

All entries must be approved before they will appear in the book. Any inappropriate entries, as well as those with invalid email addresses, will be deleted and will not appear. I check daily so don’t despair if your entry doesn’t appear immediately.

Due to a rash of automated spam messages we now use “captcha” authentication.  Just enter the “captcha” code and then SUBMIT. Don’t worry about upper or lower case….either will work. If you have trouble reading it just click the little button to the right and it will “refresh”. Thanks!

Many shipmates have told me, via email, about having visited this site. Oddly many have not left entries here for their shipmates to see. THEY do wonder how you are and probably would love to hear from you. This is a great way get back in contact.


For YOUR protection – No home phone numbers or addresses please. Please save that for when you make email contact.



  1. James Adams says:

    I was assigned to the FDR in1966-68. I wanted to know if anyone can confirm that there was agent orange aboard that ship and did its planes drop agent orange on the enemy.
    Also did the ship filter sea water for drinking and bathing. The VA said all my ailments appear to be caused by agent orange but refuse to tell me if it was onboard the FDR.

  2. thomas e morris says:

    HC-1 76-77

  3. jeff wilkowski says:

    aboard her 68 to 72 down in the generator room

  4. Mike Hulsey says:

    Still looking for any V1 Division from 1959 to 1961

  5. James W. Larkin Sr. says:

    Larkin J B 15 15 09 G division 68=71, would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

  6. Darrell Peveto says:

    I was in the CR Division 1966-1967. My email address is and I would love to hear from other members of CR or any other division that remembers me. I am from Port Arthur, TX but now live in Jacksonville, FL.

  7. jerry smith says:

    was on that bucket of bolts 62/67 em2 in charge of heavy power

  8. Albert(ken)Sharp says:

    Served in OI Div from Oct 1961 to Sept 1964.Served with Joel Levey,Robert Atencio &DJ Anderson.

  9. James A. Joiner says:

    I was aboard as an ET in 58 and 59. First med cruse I was single and had many happy times. Got married for second med cruse and had to be content with Shore Patrol duties. Never forget the night in Genoa Italy when sea was rough and we had to stay ashore. Spent that night chasing sailors and climbed the Cargo nets to get aboard the next day. I had the big radar antenna On the mast so spent much time on top of the ship. Would do it again tomorrow.

  10. George Lyons says:

    was on board in 1955 M div lost my leg in an accident in Jacksonville Fl. doing great now! snowbird now, Jersey to Melbourne Fl.

  11. Max Abbott says:

    On board 60-63 boiler room 3C. Great experience

  12. Babs Flynn says:

    I am writing to find out if anyone remembers a EN3 Bill Flynn. Bill was the engineman on the Captain’s boat before he got off of active duty in October 1975. He started working on the boilers first. I do not know if the Commanding Officer or anyone remembers that Bill was on the Captain’s gig and had to dive in and save a sailor. Bill had to fight to keep them away from the propellers. Bill and the sailor that he dove in to save are lucky they survived. If anyone remembers Engineman William Flynn please contact me at Thank you, Babs Flynn Bill was in October 1972 until October 1975.

  13. Edmund P. O'Connell says:

    Ed O’Connell AM VA-12 1966 looking to contact Harvey Earl Jarvis.

  14. Patrick Thompson says:

    AG3. 1973 – 1976

  15. Mike Miles says:

    Came aboard in Athens in 1971. My first time in Europe and first time at sea. I was aboard from about May till I left for B school the following year.

    I was in G Division in the Hangar Deck crew as an AO3. It was a great year. Started the 72 Med cruise and left in Barcelona to come back to Jacksonville for B school.

  16. Edmund P. O'Connell says:

    This is Kelly O’Connell daughter of Edmund (Ed) O’Connell AMH2 VA-12 1965 – 1966 serving on board the Roosevelt. My dad is suffering from three major medical issues related to exposure from Agent Orange as defined by the military. My mom (ailing herself) is taking care of him at their home. We desperately need someone who served with him in 1966 off the coast of Vietnam to verify his statement that aircraft off the carrier transported men into the mainland of Nam to make aircraft repairs. Currently the VA has no record of these trips, nor are they delineated in the ship’s manifest. As a result, he is denied all VA disability benefits. He also was exposed to Agent Orange on board ship when he had to clean it off returning aircraft. Dad is from Watervliet, NY and served 20 years in the Navy retiring in 1978. Please help him if you can. Please email

  17. Samuel Phillips AD3 says:

    I was assigned to V2 mobile division from 1951 thru 1954.

    During the 1953 Med cruise the FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT (CVA-42) provided medical aid and supplies to victims of an earthquake on the Greek island of Cephalonia.

    I was driving the medical van during the earthquake relief effort. I have only found ref to this from the destroyer Massey DD 778 website. Email

  18. ken tanula says:

    Served on board from65-68 cr div retired for 10 years living the good life, snow bird between Texas and Wisconsin ken tanula. Email:

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