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1976-77 Med Cruise Video

Rosie’s Final Cruise

A short clip of the 70 min. DVD of the FDR’s 1976-77 Mediterranean Cruise.

$19.95 with free Shipping and Handling (Domestic Only). Includes Sound!

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Great video! Brought back some memories. Thanks for putting it together for us. KH


  1. Bob De Garmo ( OI Div ) says:

    Must have this video! I *will* be ordering it! I was on this cruise! It was my first deployment. Loved the Rusty Rosie!! So many memories…

  2. Paul Coates (V-3 Div) says:

    Thank you for making this video! Sure brought back good memories! My biggest memory of Rosie is when she got smacked by that Liberian oil tanker in the middle of the night in the Straits of Messina. What a wake up that was!

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